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Moraga, California USA

Hi, it's Brent Abel here in northern California, and as tennis teaching professional for well over the past 35+ years and current top world ranked senior tournament player, I know all to well how much pain and suffering you're probably going through right now as you read this page.

I remember that intense pain like it was yesterday.

During the summer in 1999 I'd been teaching tennis every day for about 8-9 hours a day over a span of almost 10 days.

The weather had been perfect, I'd had lots of requests for lessons, and I just couldn't say no.

So, day 10 finishes up, I go home after another 9 hour day on the teaching court, and my elbow is really starting to feel a very sharp pain on the inside of my elbow.

I thought knew what it was, an inflamed tendon from simply over doing too much on court teaching.

But what I didn't know at that time was what to do to stop the pain.

My initial thought was to strengthen the muscles in my forearm, but that seemed to make it worse.

I literally couldn't pick anything up, not even a toothbrush without my elbow just screaming back in pain.

I had to cancel lessons, no income, and I was starting to panic.

So, I went to my doctor who jammed a monster needle of cortisone in my elbow which was worse pain than the elbow injury itself!

But, you know how that old say goes, "no pain, no gain", so I was thinking that I had to go through some pain from this cortisone injection to be able to get some relief.


The cortisone did zero. Well, maybe not totally zero, because I did feel some pain relief for a couple of hours, but that was it.

I was back to full on tennis elbow within a couple of hours. Really, really starting to get upset about this whole mess.

I tried bags of ice, cold packs, etc. No pain relief at all.

And then I just got fed up, logged onto Google, and started searching for answers.

After literally 3 days of being hunkered down in front of my computer and looking and finding the same generic explanations with the same elbow treatment protocols, I finally started to see the light...

I talked with other tennis professionals, a couple of golf professionals, my carpenter who was during some work at the house at that time, and a few other folks who were NOT doctors.

They all confirmed what I had discovered through my research.  There is a specific sequence to successfully treating an elbow injury.

I discovered a handful of commonalities between the different recommendations and the results & solutions that other folks like me with elbow injuries were discussing.

It made perfect sense as to why the very first thing you have to heal an elbow injury is to reduce and eliminate inflammation.

I was absolutely convinced before that strengthening was the initial key component to treating an elbow injury.


Well, isn't that what cortisone is supposed to do? Yes, but it rarely seems to give anyone anything more than temporary relief and it certainly never solves your long term problem.

Anything else such as strengthening and over icing when you need to eliminate inflammation is completely counter productive.

I'd been putting a bag of ice all over my elbow area and all that was doing was icing down and then contracting (in effect, shortening) my healthy forearm muscles
which were then pulling tighter on my inflamed tendon. Ouch...

How To Get Significant Relief
From Your Tennis Elbow Pain
Starting Today

I've developed a simple 3 phase tennis elbow treatment program that will initially help you quickly eliminate your pain and then get you going on a light strengthening program to insure this injury doesn't come back.



3 Phase Tennis Elbow Treatment Program

  • Phase 1 - 5 Days - Significant Pain Relief (Eliminate Inflammation)

  • Phase 2 - 2nd 5 Days - Light Strengthening For Future Injury Prevention

  • Phase 3 - After Phases 2 & 3 - Daily 5 Minute Routine To Insure Against A Future Elbow Injury

Are You Making Any Of These 7 Common Tennis Elbow Treatment Mistakes?

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"Dear Brent,

A couple of months ago, I bought your DVD regarding the treatment of a Tennis Elbow injury I received from Muay Thai (Thailand-style kickboxing).

I can safely say that buying this video was some of the best money I have ever spent.

The cure and rehab instructions from my (very knowledgeable) orthopedic surgeon were not nearly as clear as those on your DVD.

Not only that, I personally have a background in biomechanics and mechanisms of injury, and often testify as an expert witness in court in accident cases in litigation. I would not have thought of this approach.

Having previously had this same injury on the other arm twice in the past -- lasting 18 months and 6 months, I know that Tennis Elbow can literally go on forever if not properly treated.

The warm stretching started working for me immediately, and easily got me started into a range of motion that was otherwise incredibly painful.

I experienced a complete cure of my very painful Tennis Elbow condition in about 6 weeks. I am now back to full-contact Thai pads and medium-contact sparring.

I highly recommend your approach and DVD product to the fellow sufferers of tennis elbow. However, I stipulate that the Tennis Elbow sufferer must be willing to commit to executing the program exactly as you state, and as many times per day as you state.

John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E.
Dear Brent,

Just got up for the third morning in a row with NO significant elbow pain - what a joy! I have followed your healing advice for two weeks and am like a new woman. Am transitioning into strengthening and prevention now, but cannot tell you how much better I feel.

Your tennis tips are helpful, too, but when you hurt to play all the tips in the world don't make it better. Your ice technique makes it better!

Many, many, many thanks!!

Win R.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Hi Brent,
In December I purchased your instructional material titled "Tennis Elbow".

I was pleasantly surprised when I completed Phase 1 in just three days. 

I was initially resigned to needing three weeks for healing, much less just three days to feel tremendous relief from my elbow pain.

I wish to express my sincere thanks, all is well now, I'm back full time into my tennis playing schedule.

George T.
Atlanta, GA

Dear Brent,
Your simple methods have worked!  My elbow problem was nagging me for almost a year.

After several visits to my family doctor, I was really frustrated that she didn't seem to have a solution for me.

Two cortisone shots never worked and the brace she gave me made the pain feel worse.

It's great to be back out on the golf course.  Can you now help me with my slice!

Gloria S.
Redding, CA

Hello Brent,
I am writing to you with good news.

My golfer's elbow inflammation has been totally eliminated within just 7 days using your methods.

I will be careful not to overdo my enthusiasm now that I am starting Phase 2, but I must be honest with you, I feel like a new man!

Thanks so much for your care and sharing your treatment program which has worked for me!

Tim C.
Athens, GA

Hi Brent,
It was nice seeing you and Mai at the SFTC yesterday.  You two are so much fun to watch in mixed doubles!

I just want to follow up on our conversation and say thanks again for helping me so quickly with my golfer's elbow.

I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I've spent with this sports medicine person here in SF over the past 6 months and got no results and of course no money back guarantee.

Your satisfaction guarantee was the reason I bought your program.

I'm so glad that I won't be asking for a refund!

Francine L.
San Francisco, CA

Why Doesn't Your Doctor, Chiropractor, or Sports Med Pro Seem To Have A Solution For This Injury?

Hey, I don't really know other than most of the doctors and medically trained professionals I've spoken to have never had to put up with elbow pain themselves.

What might seem obvious from a medical manual for a pain relieving solution I don't think always translates to actual pain relief.

Look, as I stated before, I'm not a doctor nor have I ever received any formal medical training whatsoever (other then CPR training), but what I have done is gone through two very elbow injuries myself and spent tons of hours researching this injury.

I've taught and coached tennis for over 35 years and have played at the world class level in tournaments for my senior age group for a long long time.  I literally see someone at least once a week who is suffering with an elbow injury.  In the tennis world, over time I've become the guy you turn to if you've got an elbow injury.

If your medical professional has never had this injury before, it's got to be pretty tough for him or her to truly understand what you and I and others have had to endure in the pain level meter.

So, my recommendations are based solely on my own experiences and my discussions about the experiences of the thousands of others out there who are currently or were former elbow injury sufferers.

Are There Lots Of Treatment Aids To Buy?

Thankfully, no...  I do however have some inexpensive treatment aid recommendations that I feel can be beneficial to quick healing, but with my 3 phase treatment program, there is absolutely nothing in addition required to purchase.

How Soon Can You Be Pain Free &
Get Back Your Favorite Activities?

I really wish this was an absolute exact science, but it's not.

And I know how desperate a feeling it can be to not be able to do those things you probably used to take for granted.

Hey, just brushing your teeth or your hair pain free would be nice, wouldn't it?

I want to help you get back to whatever is your favorite activity completely pain free and armed with the right info so you'll know how to prevent another elbow injury from ever happening to you again.

I honestly cannot give you a specific time frame answer as to when you'll be pain free and back out there winning the club championships (!).

But, I will tell you this, many of my customers report back to me within a week, some within just a few days, that they are finally feeling tangible pain relief for the first time in a long time.

I am definitely not a miracle worker, and if you're looking for the overnight quick-fix, well, I'm not your guy.  I would never ever make that promise to you.

But, if you can carve out 3 minutes and follow a simple treatment routine and do so several times a day, I'm willing to bet my 100% money back guarantee that I can help you self treat your painful elbow injury and get you back out there ready to rock and roll within days.

If I can't, then guess what, if after 30 days you're not happy with your purchase, then just let me know and I'll refund every bit of your purchase price.  Right away...

I was also selected to represent the USA at the end of 2009 in the VonCramm Cup World Team Tournament in Perth Australia.  Proud to say we brought home the Silver medal in the team event and I won the bronze in the individual doubles...

Just How Secure Is Your Private Contact &
Credit Card Information?

Excellent question and one that gets asked frequently at lots and lots of different websites.

First of all, any contact information you submit through my website or shopping cart will never be shared, rented, sold, or otherwise made available to 3rd party.  Ever.

I use the folks over at to handle all of my prospects' and customers' contact information, and I use the services of to handle all of my online secure credit card and PayPal transactions.


Both of these companies are far and away the best out there online, and yet, some folks still feel a little uneasy with giving their credit card details over the internet.

That's not a problem and I am happy to accept telephone and/or check orders.

Bottom line is this, your contact information and credit card transactions are always 100% secure.

Is This Treatment Program A So-Called Online Scam?
It Seems To Good To Be True.

Hey, I've been asked that question a few times and for different reasons, but mostly because folks have been ripped off out there on the internet, and maybe not in this injury treatment area, but with other online offers.

Look, you can check me out.  I've got no problem with that at all.  I've been a tennis teaching / coaching professional for well over 35 years at several tennis clubs in the USA.  About Brent Abel.

I recently won the USA national 60s Hardcourt Singles title in Palm Springs, CA in April 2009. 

I've got several websites, but the most popular are over at and

Tennis is what I do, what I've done pretty much my entire life, and as a family man with a great wife and 3 kids, the last thing I want to do is anything that's going to ruin my reputation.

If you need a personal reference or two, hey, say the word, and I'll get them to you.

Speaking Of Guarantees, What Is It?

Unlike your doctor, your sports med visits, and potentially lots of other associated expenses in treating your elbow injury, that's right, unlike them I do offer a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

It's simple.  If I can't help you, then I don't want to keep your money.

If you'll give my program at least a good honest 30 day try, then at any time after that if you're ever not completely satisfied with your purchase, you're entitled to a full and prompt refund.

And as I mentioned above, I don't claim to be a miracle worker.  I don't help everyone who buys my program evidenced by the approximate 2% refund rate for my elbow treatment program.

So look, your hard earned money is never at risk.  Ever...

So, Here's How I Can Help You Finally Put A Permanent End To Your Painful Elbow Injury...

So You Can Quickly Get Back To Doing Whatever Is Your Favorite Activity

I've put together a very clear and easy to follow tennis / golfer's elbow injury treatment program that anyone can do.

You may have read some of those testimonials up above from folks probably a lot like you.

Those are non solicited email statements from people who showed up here like you, in a world of hurt, looking for something to finally put an end to their elbow pain, and decided to try my program.

I'm pleased to say that as of today, I've sold over 3,100 of my elbow treatment programs worldwide.  You can literally get started reducing your elbow pain within the next few minutes.

OK, How Does My Elbow Treatment Program Work For You?

My elbow injury treatment program is a 3 phase program that consists of:

  • Phase 1 - 5 Days - Eliminating Your Painful Elbow Tendonitis Inflammation

    • Takes about 2-3 minutes several times a day to go through a specific sequence of stretches.  Anyone can do these, but the sequence is vital to your success.

    • Icing - I have a very specific icing method that takes only a minute or two.  If you're a large bag of ice right now on top of your arm and elbow area, or if you're icing for more than a couple of minutes, you're probably making things worse.

    • Most customers feel significant pain relief within 5 days, some even within 48 hours

  • Phase 2 - 5 Days After Phase 1 -Light Strengthening

    • Once your pain free from your elbow tendonitis inflammation, this routine takes about 2-3 additional minutes per session (stretching included)  several times a day to go through a series of light stretching and specific strengthening exercises.

    • If you follow my suggestions, you should be ready to get back to your normal active lifestyle within an additional 5 days

  • Phase 3 - Future Elbow Injury Prevention

    • After we get rid of your pain and do some light strengthening so you're ready to get back out there doing your favorite activities, can you find 5 minutes a day to go through a light stretching & strengthening routine?  If yes, you'll set yourself up to prevent another injury and maintain a healthy elbow.

What Do I Send You?

  • Instructional Treatment Videos - I will send you a set of videos where I demonstrate for you the exact stretches and strengthening exercises and their specific sequence, my icing method, and other recommendations.

    • Immediate Access to Videos - You can immediately download all of the instructional videos (if you'd prefer not to, you don't need to download anything).  The videos are formatted to play on your computer and you can also transfer them to your video iPod or iPhone.

    • DVD - I mail the videos to you on a DVD that will play on any worldwide DVD player

  • PDF Text QuickStart Guide - You will also receive a PDF text companion that also describes the stretching and strengthening exercises and their specific sequence, my icing method, and my suggestions for a couple of inexpensive (but not mandatory) treatment aids.

    • You will get immediate access to this PDF text companion and will be able to save it to your computer and then print it out.

  • OPTIONAL - 30 Minute Telephone One-On-One Consultation
    With Brent
    - You and I spend 30 minutes on the telephone during your first 15 days of treatment at a mutually agreed upon time.  Typically this works best after you've been on the treatment program for at least 1 week.

  • 8 Weeks of Follow-Up - I will follow up with you on a regular basis for at least 8 weeks after your purchase.  I want to make absolutely sure you completely understand each and every exercise and technique in each of the three phases in your treatment program.

    I also want to help you stay motivated with your day to day injury treatment.  There are probably going to be days when you feel great, and staying eager to do your treatment is no problem.

    But there is also a chance that you will face an occasional day when you're just not "into it".  I want to help you get through those days and have you wake up the next morning feeling good that you put in your treatment time the day before. 

    I have zero desire to sell you something and then have you never hear from me again.  I sincerely want to help you treat your elbow injury correctly, quickly, and thoroughly.

Claim Your Guaranteed Treatment Program
Within The Next 24 Hours...

And You'll Also Get Immediate Access
To These 4 FREE Valuable BONUSES...

  • BONUS #1:  The Psychological Skills Needed for Healing Your Injury: 
    I have produced a separate report on the proven benefits of following a specific set of daily visualization and positive self-talk exercises.

    These are tangible specific mental exercises (not some out of body weird "new age" mumbo jumbo) that are proven to increase your injury healing time and to help you stay on track and motivated.

  • BONUS #2:  Injury Treatment Daily Goal Setting and Tracking Log
    Not only must you commit to a daily set of physical and mental exercises / stretches for properly treating your injury, but you also must track your commitment.

    As a BONUS, you also receive my "Injury Treatment Daily Log" where you get a detailed daily plan for each of the 3 healing / strengthening / future prevention phases where you can keep track of your progress.

    Not only is it important to know precisely what exercises / stretches you've been able to perform each day, but your daily log will also serve as a great motivational aid to "keep you going".

  • BONUS #3:  Foods, Liquids, and Tension
    I've written a report on why certain foods and liquids can make it more difficult for your body to heal. 

    Providing a "clean" healing environment for your injury can be enhanced by avoiding specific foods / drinks.

  • BONUS #4:  Brent's World Famous 3 Minute Stretch Video
    Ok, maybe not exactly world famous (!), but this simple 3 minute stretch routine has really done wonders for me over the past 10+ years. 

    Part of your elbow injury is due from other body parts trying to compensate, and the result is not great.

    I do this stretch probably 3-5 times a day.  Not ever at a set time, just whenever I get a few extra minutes during my day.  The benefits are so much better than carving out a 30 minute stretch only once a day.

    What you'll discover with all of my treatment programs is to maintain a state of your muscles staying stretched out.  You can devote time to stretch once a day, and at best you might get 30-60 minutes of really focused stretching, but for the remainder of those 23+ hours every day, your body is trying to un-stretch itself.  We need to stay stretched out...

My Unconditional Promise
To You

I have a very simple promise to make to you.

If my Tennis / Golfer's Elbow treatment program doesn't help you quickly and significantly get pain relief so you can get back to your normal lifestyle doing those activities you love most, you can ask for and will immediately receive a full and complete refund.

Give my program an honest 30 days to let me have a chance to get you back to where you want to be, pain free and enjoying life.

Look, I'll admit that for whatever reason, approximately 2% of the folks who purchase my program ask for a refund.

I'd like to think that you can be in that HUGE 98% group who gets relief from their elbow injury.

Fair enough?

I hope you think so, because with the numerous emails I get on literally a daily basis thanking me for this program, I've been told it's more than fair.


Completely Secure Online Processing



Don't Waste Any More
Of Your Money On...

  • Doctor Visits - $300 +
  • Chiropractor Sessions - $200 +
  • Sports Med Sessions - $200 +
  • Painful (and I mean painful) Cortisone Shots - $200 +
  • Tons of Ibuprofen - $??? + - Not much up front cost, but the price your body eventually pays?
  • Other Expensive Programs - $300 +
  • And none of those methods are guaranteed

Want to order by phone and not online? 
No problem.  1-925-246-5551

Compared to those costs that come with a zero guarantee, you can claim my fully 100% guaranteed elbow treatment program for just...

3 Treatment Program Options

  • $97 - DVD Version PLUS 30 Minute One-On-One Telephone Consultation With Brent

    • Your Tennis / Golfer's Elbow Treatment program DVD is placed in the US Postal mail to you within 1 business day of your order.

    • SHIPPING: There are no additional shipping fees to anywhere in the world.  Depending on your location from here in northern California, delivery times vary from a couple of days to 10 days.

    • If you want to get started treating your elbow injury immediately, you also get immediate access to the treatment program's download page so you can download any or some of the videos, which are formatted to play on your computer and/or your video iPod, and the PDF Text QuickStart Guide.

    • 30 Minute One-On-One Telephone Consultation With Brent

  • $47 - DVD Version

    • Your Tennis / Golfer's Elbow Treatment program DVD is placed in the US Postal mail to you within 1 business day of your order.

    • SHIPPING: There are no additional shipping fees to anywhere in the world.  Depending on your location from here in northern California, delivery times vary from a couple of days to 10 days.

    • If you want to get started treating your elbow injury immediately, you also get immediate access to the treatment program's download page so you can download any or some of the videos, which are formatted to play on your computer and/or your video iPod, and the PDF Text QuickStart Guide.

  • $37 - Download Version (no Disc &
    no Consultation)

    • You get immediate access to the entire treatment program including all of the video files, and the PDF QuickStart Guide.

    • You must have a high speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, etc.) to download the video files which are formatted to play on your computer and/or your video iPod.

Completely Secure Online Processing


Want to order by phone and not online? 
No problem.  1-925-246-5551

P.S.  Don't wait around and hope that your elbow injury is going to simply get better all by itself.

The brutal reality of not getting your elbow injury taken care of properly can result in lots of bad stuff for your body.

Not to mention your state of mind.  Depression is a real thing for tennis / golfer's elbow injury sufferers...

Don't get stuck.  Claim your copy of my elbow treatment program today and let's get you back to your normal lifestyle pain free.

As you know, I'll guarantee it!

Thanks and really looking forward to helping you,


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Are You Making Any Of These 7 Common Tennis Elbow Treatment Mistakes ?

Get Brent's 7 FREE Video Tips To Make Sure You're Not Making Your Elbow Pain Worse.

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Your Respected Privacy:  Absolutely no worries. 
I promise that your contact information will remain strictly
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otherwise made available to anyone else.  Period.

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